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Our goal is to provide our clients with sound ethical advice along with the peace of mind in knowing that their taxes are properly prepared and the government is not over taxing them. AFP Consulting keeps current on the latest advances in the field of professional athletics and relevant tax issues. Along with our professional and educational athletic experiences, our up-to-date knowledge gives us the insight to successfully help those in the professional sports world with the complexities you face with your financial and tax issues. 



Alan Pogroszewski | AFP Tax

Alan F. Pogroszewski


Alan Pogroszewski is the founder and CEO of AFP Consulting LLC. AFP Consulting LLC specializes in the tax preparation and consulting for professional athletes. Formed by Alan in 2005, AFP Consulting LLC works with athletes, playing in North America and international, assisting them in their tax filing requirements and advising them on tax savings strategies. Alan has successfully grown the business over the past 15 years, under the philosophy of making difficult tax law simple to understand and providing each client a piece of mind in knowing that their tax situation is structured specifically for them.

Alan is seen as a leader in professional athlete tax matters, having been published numerous times in national law journals as well having been interviewed on the topic by national media outlets. Alan’s article “Is Tennessee’s Version of the ‘Jock Tax’ Unconstitutional?” co-authored by Kari Smoker in the Spring 2013 edition of the Marquette Sports Law Review proved to be instrumental in Tennessee lawmakers voting to repeal this tax.

Alan is also the creator of the Jock Tax Index (JTI) which was presented at the 2015 MIT Annual Sloan Sports Analytics Conference and has been featured on “Off the Charts” by Scarlet Fu on Bloomberg Television’s Market Crashers. The JTI measures how a team’s location dictates the tax burden on an athlete and allows individuals to compare the net take-home income, after tax liabilities and credits, of any contract proposal between competing offers from different tax jurisdictions. Over the past several years Alan has advised several of the top free agents in sports by assisting them in understanding the tax situation for each of the potential offers they receive.

Alan earned his MBA from Rochester Institute of Technology in 1996 and an MS in Taxation from St. John Fisher College in 2003. He also served as an Associate Professor in Sport Management, with a focus on teaching sport finance, at St. John Fisher University from 2003-2021.

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