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Defining the Sports Tax Industry Since 2005

AFP Consulting specializes in athlete tax, multi-state tax intricacies and the complex international tax laws. Based in Western NY, we have grown from six professional hockey players our first year to nearly 500 sports professionals today. As the industry leader and only firm in North America to specialize in tax issues for professional athletes, our referrals come from players, agents, coaches and financial advisors. They strongly recommend our proprietary method for making each athlete’s salary go further:

Customize Case Scenarios

After a deep dive discovery into each client’s unique situation, we individualize scenarios to minimize their tax liability and maximum their take home pay within all ethical and legal limits. Our white-glove service is an ongoing relationship and we remain available and committed to our clients long after filing their tax return.

Provide No-Cost Follow-Up

If the situation changes after filing a return or in the case of an audit, we continue to provide guidance, provide services and represent our clients at no additional costs.

Give 24/7/365 Access to the Boss

Call, text or email us anytime and chances are, our Founder Alan Pogroszewski will answer—especially if you call his cell (yes, we give you Alan’s mobile number). Our experts are always-on, always thinking about how to promote our clients’ interests.

Forecast to Future-Proof Income

We don’t just “do taxes.” We review previous tax returns and create reports on current and projected income tax positions to help our clients understand how to preserve a larger share of their future income.

Empower with Knowledge

Our clients stay updated on tax planning strategies, changes in tax laws and available deductions through our newsletters, blogs, direct communications and team seminars tailored to state and residential requirements.

Simplify the Complexities

Income tax is complicated for professional athletes in all income brackets and divisions. At all levels, there are numerous, rapidly changing federal and state tax codes, sources of income and deductions. As a result, an athlete’s tax return can easily total a few hundred or more pages. But our MO is to simplify the process to make it as easy and understandable as possible.

A Wholistic Team Approach to Financial Well-Being

Behind every successful athlete is a team of expert advisors: coaches, trainers, agents, financial planners, lawyers, bankers, insurance professionals, and ideally, a sports tax specialist like us. We work closely with these advisors, complementing their expertise with our thought leadership. Depending on their situation, our clients might take advantage of one or more of our areas of expertise:

  • Preparation of US federal, state, local, and Canadian tax returns

  • Tax planning strategies for new and extended contracts

  • Guidance on where and how to establish home state residency

  • Advice on navigating international taxes for US and Canadian citizens

  • Correspondence with federal and state agencies

  • Strategies for minimizing tax liabilities and maximizing deductions

  • Consultation to guide contract comparison and bargaining

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